globalAt Vera, we know the world today has no borders, due to globalization, the wide usage of internet and e-commerce. However, due to the differences in language, culture, customs and laws, some businesses find it challenging to enter foreign markets. When this happens, businesses sometimes miss out on potential opportunities to expand globally.

Business Support

handshakeThat is why we started Vera International Business Support Club. Through our experience in trading, and a  large network of partners around the world, we are able to find solutions to help your business enter the global market too.

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conferenceAll business leaders need to improve their skills and the skills of their teams, which is why we created Vera Training Club. To help your business, especially in fields like:

1) Business language, including English, French, Spanish, Arabic etc.

2) Business manners for your target countries, and the different protocols for opening negotiations.

3) Improving owner, manager and staff skills in fields such as language, sales and computer skills, to keep up with the fast changing world.

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International Trade

Combining a multinational team with experience in market assessment, negotiation, and logistics, Vera Japan LLC was established to meet Japanese market demands for overseas commodities, and vice versa.

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